GMS 125/175/320 Packaging Machines

Machine Features

Intermittent Machine Motion
Complete Vertical Moverment of Cross Seal Sealing Front Plate
Pneumatic Opereted Knife, Cross Seal Jaws With Knife
Control Omron With Touch Screen Panel
Closed Machine Frame And Electrical Cabinet
Easy Load of The Film
Bag Forming Parts Designed For Very Easy Replacement
Photo Electric Eye
Heatsealing and/or PE Welding System
Can be Equipped With Volumetric and Auger Dosing Systems, Pumps,Lineer Weigher, Combination Weighers and Infeed Systems for All Types
Packaging Material: Polypropylene, Cellophane Multilayer Aliminium Foil, All Laminates and Termosoldable Materials, or for Polyethylene

Technicial Specifications

Operating speed bag / m max. 90 max. 75 max. 50
Bag lenght ( min. - ma 50-260 mm 100-400 MM 100-450 MM
Bag width ( min. 50-170 mm 70-270 MM 100-480 MM
Film reel diameter 350 mm max. 400 mm max. 400 mm max.
Power Requirement KW 380 3 Phase 3KW 380 3 Phase 4KW 380 3 Phase 6KW
Hava gereksinimi
Air need
25 I / m 30 I / m 35 I / m