GMS 100-14 Stone Seperation Machine for Sesame

Machine Features

Seperation Machine is used for seperating stones or mud ball that are same size as product, after seeds/product have been pre and fine cleaned and graded. Its efficient for all kinds of seeds, grains and dry legumes vegetables. Also cleans straws,chips,dust.

The product feed into the store tank through the feeding elevator ; from here, it is feed into the main machine.With a vibration produced by an eccentric system and by an air current the crops cleaned free of chips, glasses,stones and soils. Output chutes equipt with sack grips.

Technicial Specifications

Product Type Manual  Semi-Automatic PLC
Air Adjustment Manual  Speed Dial PLC Speed Dial
Deck Adjustment Manual  Speed Dial PLC Motorized
Feeding Rate Speed Dial Speed Dial PLC Speed Dial