GMS 100-06 Machine for Drying Sesame (Centrifuge)

Machine Features

This drying machine is an ideal machine manufactured accordingly with the technical development in order to dry the watery seeds such as sesame etc. The details in the machine are reduced at minimum. The sesame water is thrown out by the rotating sieve(tambour) making use of the centrifuge system.

The machine takes its turning power from the motor and the pulley. The sieve cycle (turn) of the machine is 750 turns/min. As the sieve turns with speedy turn. The special rubber wedges and pins mounted in the machine’s legs. Prevent the shakes to be occured in the machine and assure the centrifuge. It isn’t t question of any shakes.

This machine dries 100 kg of sesames in 5 or 6 minutes. Since the sieve is turning with a speedy turn. The braking range is mounted the sieve and the equipments of the machine subject to the water are isolated with special isolators. The sieve is made of chrome-nickel.

Technicial Specifications

CAPACITY 100 kg/6 min
POWER 10 hp – 7,5 kw three phase
SIEVE CYCLE 750 turns/min
DIMENSIONS 110 cm height 85 cm
WEIGHT 550 kg